Dark Matter Coffee

Dark Matter Coffee


“In August of 2007, Star Lounge Coffee Bar was born in the Ukrainian Village neighborhood of Chicago by Jesse Diaz. Quickly Mr. Diaz realized that he wanted to only sell coffee that he roasted and by Feb 2008 Dark Matter Coffee was launched. Within the first year, the company created two of the flagship blends, A Love Supreme and Unicorn Blood. These two blends created a storm of accolades and applause from both critics and consumers alike. Dark Matter forged onward, creating limited blends and unique single origin coffees to fill our portfolio, elevating Dark Matter Coffee as a premier artisan roaster in Chicago, the Midwest and across the country.

Dark Matter Coffee adheres to a philosophy where quality coffees are sourced based on traceability, innovation and social responsibility. Sustainability and fair business practices are very important to us. While aligning with organizations like Fair Trade Alliance, Rainforest Alliance or UTZ, help to ensure fair practices, we have also created direct partnerships with farmers in El Salvador and Mexico. These partnerships have grown to become family, allowing DMC to directly source their beans from the plant to the cup. This sourcing transparency yields fair business practices, reduced costs and unparalleled quality control, a difference that can be tasted in every cup of Dark Matter Coffee.”


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