Menu tips

Lets talk about some of the drinks on the menu that you might have questions about. And basic ordering shortcuts, advice.
Because every cafe is different in how they do things, especially independent shops.

First off, ordering a cappuccino. we make Capps and lattes VERY similar. If you want more of a traditional foamy Capp ask for it “dry”.

We use three shot baskets for espresso but still pull a normal 1oz shot. This method results in a much sweeter, smoother, jolt of caffeine.

Cortado vs macchiato.
This can all cause lots of confusion due to the Starbucks menu. But we ain’t scarred.
A macchiato at FMC is about 1.5 oz of foam with a shot of espresso poured through it. “Marking” the foam. It’s a small drink.
A cortado is a shot of espresso in a Gibraltar glass(5.5oz) filled out with steamed milk. Think, a little latte.

A flat white is a drink from Australia. Traditionally it is 6oz. And has two short or “ristretto” shots. And is marbled with steamed milk and a light layer of foam.

Cascara is a tea made by drying out the shell of the coffee berry. It is light and fruity, with notes of honey and spice. A traditional drink in many coffee producing countries. Qishr is a drink made from cascara by adding extra spices and steamed milk.

Drip coffee is coffee. Ya dingus.

We have a special way to make toddy, our iced coffee. and its is just delicious.

Our loose leaf tea selection will be up here soon.


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