opening coffee lineup!!!!

ok folks! here it is! the opening menu of coffee we will be serving at FMC!!!

espresso! -Unicorns blood from dark mater coffee in chicago. based on a traditional northern italian espresso. this stuff is just amazing. full bodied, sweet, perfect with milk, and a nice kick in the sleepy.–guest espressos to come soon!

toddy(iced coffee) – guatemala from colombia street roastery in champaign. we love a good medium roast, central american for our toddy. it produces a smooth start and finish, with so much chocolate flavor it could be a yoohoo.

drip coffee – this will change really often. but we plan on serving costa rica, ethiopia, and burundi. all are very different in profile. all delicious. all from colombia street roastery.

now for the hand craft selection.

1. ethiopia kochere from 3030 coffee in peoria. this coffee, like most ethiopian coffee has a nice fruit bomb to it. strawberry, lemon, and red vine candy. but this coffee also serves up some nice vanilla/cinnamon notes.

2. sumatra wahana estate from colombia street roastery. i love a good sumatra. and this one does not disappoint. full of heavy plum flavor and a nice medium bodied grassy finish.

3. kenya kieni ab from halfwit coffee in chicago. this washed coffee has a nice floral aroma, and is packed with juicy blackberry, and molasses.

4. el salvador santa petrona from dark matter coffee in chicago. is a natural processed bourbon coffee that is beautifully full bodied and loaded with sweet vanilla and sweeter strawberry.

see you very soon!!!!!



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To Flying Machine Coffee. on the internet. where you cant actually get coffee…..this is just a site to help you understand the cafe and our ideas behind it. Please look over the menu, and info on the roasters we will be sourcing from. Much more info to come.

thanks for stopping by.